Fifth-Graders Reflect On Sept. 11


On Sept. 11, 2006, Carm Locke, a fifth-grade teacher at Frontier Elementary School gave her students a writing assignment.

Her students were in first grade when the World Trade Towers were hit. They processed their memory of the event differently than any adult.

Locke asked her students to write about Sept. 11, but also to write about their country.

Students were given quotes from patriotic songs, documents or events.

They chose the quote that was most meaningful to them and wrote about it. This is what they wrote, from their hearts:


by Kaila Winkle

Our country is always faithful. We are willing to fight and die for our freedom. We are willing to do what we need for our country. If we all want to do what is right, our country will be better than it is today.

In the war going on across the sea, all of the Marines are saying their motto, "Always Faithful." They are faithful in doing their job. They will not back down and will not give up faith. Neither will they give up our freedom.

Some of the people who perished on 9/11 were innocent people doing their jobs when we were attacked. Sometimes on the news you hear that people working at gas stations get shot. They died doing their jobs and being faithful.

Our world could be so much better if we were all faithful. If we are more faithful during work we could do more for our country.

If we are faithful during school, we could get a worthy job when we graduate. At home we could teach our children about being faithful.

As you can see, if all people were faithful like Marines, our world would be so much better than it is today.


by Johnny Wisner

We must be ready for the worst. / If we're not then the nation will fall. / The government tries its hardest / To ready us when danger calls.

Being prepared is important. / Now let me show you how. / When the terrorists bomb us and the buildings are falling, / "Be prepared" will be our vow.

Beloved ones are going to war. / Bullets are flying so quick / Good thing we are prepared. / Our bulletproof vests are extra thick.

Now the soldiers are coming home. / People are cheering left and right. / Fireworks are going off. Be prepared / For a supernova of excitement to ignite.


by Louis Potvin

If someone beloved in your family died fighting in a war, then you know what this means. America is fighting a war right now and a lot of soldiers are giving their lives to save us. If you're related to one of the soldiers who died fighting in a war, he gave his life for you.

The first war America was in was the Revolutionary War. Many people died very bravely for freedom. They thought that it was the last war, but they were wrong.

There were other wars, the Civil War, World War I and II. Even though we had the upper hand, still all the wars were long and fierce. Sometimes we were attacked by other nations, we still pulled through. We only fought to solve problems and sometimes for other people's problems.

Today we are more advanced and America is fighting against terrorists. We are in a war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wars are fought for freedom and again, if you're related to one of the soldiers who died fighting in a war, he gave his life for you.


by Shealea Garza

The war is a powerful process. It can take many things and many lives, but three things it can't take are my hope, love or faith.

I hope the Army men who are battling in the war for me and my country are unharmed. I have hope for the children that had to live through the dire things that happened to their country. For those who perished and survived through the war, my hope is all on you.

I love my family members for taking care of me and doing things for me. I love the soldiers for battling and perishing to protect our country. And for the ones that fought for our freedom and won, thank you for all the support.

My faith is in my family, my freedom and in the soldiers who battle in war.

As you can see, I have a lot of hope, faith and love in my heart. No, they can't take that away.


by Cristian Marquez

I hope someday we have a world that people would not be judged by the color of their skin.

In America, you can have freedom to live where you want or to marry anyone you want.

Here in America, we have rights and privileges, rights to be safe in the states of privileges to vote and go where we want.

As you can see, I want all of the people to not judge others by the color of their skin, but by their hearts.

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