Not Surprised Bush Doesn't Understand Geneva Convention



Wonder of all wonders. George Bush is seeking clarification of Article 3 of the Geneva Convention. Specifically, George doesn't understand the part of the article that forbids any treatment of prisoners that would be an "outrage against personal dignity." It does make perfect sense that Bush would need to be educated as to what does not constitute an "outrage against personal dignity."

Remember, this is the person who misled (lied to) the American sheep in order to bomb and kill innocents in a war of choice. I'm sure that Bush's advisers have to talk real slowly to him most of the time. But it's a joke to try and help him define "outrages against personal dignity," if he doesn't even realize that an unjustified, dishonest, selective war is at the top of that list of "outrages."

Face it. Dignity is not George Bush's strong suit.

Jim Kane, Pine

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