Targets Up For First-Time Shooters


Chickens, javelina, turkeys and rams are games of the day for members of the Tonto Rim Sports Club.

The animals aren't live, however, they are metal silhouette targets stationed at ranges from 40 to 100 yards.


Doug Hart (left) and spotter Lee Bumbalow are two of the Tonto Rim Sports Club members who participate in club shoots.

"The young kids, women and first-time shooters really like those type targets," TRSC member Charlie Thompson said. "If you hit them, there's instant gratification because they give off a ‘clank' sound."

In competing in the steel silhouette target shoots, members use .22 caliber rifles with any type of sights.

The chicken silhouette, about 6-inches in height is placed at 40 yards. The 8-inch javelina is positioned at 50 yards and the 12-inch turkey at 75 yards. Finally, the 14-inch ram is at 100 yards. Competitors rotate through the targets and are allowed to fire 10 shots at each silhouette. The shooter who chalks up the most hits is declared the winner.

At the first silhouette shoot, held Sept. 9 at the Jim Jones Range south of Payson, Dave Nater and Patric Taylor tied for first place. Sherri Taylor was third in the match that was interrupted by rain.

Despite the rain, Thompson is sure entrants enjoyed the competition.

"Everyone said they had a great time," he said.

Silhouette target shoots will be held the second Saturday of each month beginning at 9 a.m.

A sight-in shoot will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. prior to each of the matches.

For more information about the shoots, call Bill Cole at (928) 889-8193 or (928) 468-2457.

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