A Chance To Clarify The Massage Ad



I am writing in response to Ms. Meidinger's Letter to the Editor about a certain massage therapy business, requesting that we remove our advertising. I would like to better clarify it for her. The picture in the paper was of three nail technicians. Our goal was to show our support of the Rodeo Committee and their traveling jail.

The money that is earned having co-workers, friends and family arrested goes to support the Rodeo Committee's scholarship program for our local youth. The play on words was GEL Nails to Jail House. The ad then states for you to come and see Cozy, Tammy and Robin for your Gel nail needs. There was no massage therapist pictured or massage offered.

Unfortunately, we did not catch the mistake of our complete business name not being written in the ad. This would have stated that we are a "Nail and Body Salon."

Having graduated from massage school 13 years ago, taking business ethics and marketing, I have watched many changes in the licensing requirements. We were first required to carry a town license and then onto State licensing. These changes had been wonderful for massage. Unfortunately, massage therapy is a profession where lewd suggestion can be read into anything. In order to maintain professionalism we carry a city license, a state massage license, nail technician licenses, and a state salon license (not to be confused with a saloon license). All of these have many requirements to maintain.

We want to thank you for your opinion, and hope that someday you might come and meet all of us. You might find us a pleasant group of professional wives, mothers and grandmothers.

Shannon James, LMT


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