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The Sept. 19 edition of the Payson Roundup contained an article written by reporter Felicia Megdal titled "Mayor's task forces share progress." As chairperson of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Task Force, I was astounded at the gross distortion and misinformation in her article.

Hopefully Ms. Megdal will show more accurate, responsible reporting in the future. She quotes a Joanie King as "a representative of the administrative policies task force." Not so. The only members of this task force, to date, are myself and Lucy Briggs, who, by the way, is also mistakenly referred to in the article as "head of the Finance Task Force."

Ms. Megdal states one of the "ambitions" of our task force is "an analysis of town payroll." Not so. Her comments regarding residents' perceptions of the salary of town officials, she also attributes to our task force. That's news to me.

To clarify the work and goals of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Task Force, here are some actual facts: Our committee's main focus currently is reviewing the town's personnel policies, with plans to discuss our final suggestions with HR director Bob Smith in continued collaboration with him and town staff.

The scope of our task force also lists a review of compensation plans and job classifications for town employees. We have concluded that proper analysis and recommendations in this area require Human Resource expertise, and we will be exploring how this goal might best be achieved.

Citizen input to our committee has been concerned primarily with how town staff interacts and communicates with residents, how staff implements written policy, and how residents would like to see town services improved. This input will also be incorporated into our final suggestions to Mayor Edwards and council, as well as in future meetings, hopefully, with town staff.

So there's the rest of the story.

Penny Dorgan

Task force chairperson

Editor's note: The Roundup ran a correction on page 2A of the Tuesday Sept. 26 edition. We apologize for any errors in our story.

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