‘Cut And Run' Is A Worn Out Phrase



Jim Winter, in his criticism of those who criticize President Bush, seems intent on seeing the unrest in Iraq as solely or at least mostly the doing of outside terrorists. That, of course, could be, but it appears to me to be more sectarian-inspired. Either may be the case, but the truth should be determinable. Yes, the sectarian angle could all be a hoax deliberately perpetrated by the terrorists.

If it is predominantly and truly sectarian, then we need to arm both sides with short-range weapons and then just stand back. When the dust settles, we can deal with the survivors and give them a hand to recover their lives.

This is not "cut and run" at all. Instead, it is simply sanity. The art of one's knowing when to butt out of a dispute which does not really concern one at all.

If the trouble comes mostly from the outside of Iraq, we need to determine who (as if there were doubt) and then first ask them and then force them to stop.

The idea that we should never criticize our leaders in wartime is both offensive, dangerous and truly un-American. The fact that we can engage in it is clear proof of this nation's stability. What is there that could be better, more healthy proof than this?

Allen N. Wollscheidt


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