Star Valley Taking Bids To Put Town's Future On Paper


The Star Valley Town Council heard a presentation Tuesday night from the Central Arizona Association of Governments to develop the town's general plan during a town hall meeting.

It is a mandate from the state of Arizona that all towns must have a general plan in place.

Maxine Leather, the executive director of CAAG, said the process to put together a general or master plan will take up to 21 months with a lot of input from the community.

The comprehensive planning process that CAAG proposed has seven steps.

  • Development of community public participation plan
  • Community of inventory and analysis
  • Development of community goals and objectives
  • Preparation of general plan elements
  • Development of an implementation strategy
  • The final plan

Heather Patel, community development block grant director for CAAG, said it is a key that the community gets involved in the process.

Peter Armenta, environmental planner for the association, said the planning process is a good way to get the town going.

"We allow the community to give strong input before the committees go to work," he said, adding that the most important parts of the plan are land use and circulation, both which are required by the Smart Plan.

"This is an all-inclusive plan on what you want to do," Armenta said. "This is the bible for your community."

David Williams, of David Williams and Associates, who would handle the zoning codes and issues as well as working in conjunction with CAAG, said he needs to learn about Star Valley and its vision for what it wants to become.

"What I like to do is to try to understand the community," he said. "Each community is different."

Williams said there will be some parts of the town that will be grandfathered into any new zoning codes.

Leather said CAAG can be flexible with the town and its schedule.

"We want it to work for you," she said.

The total cost of the entire project is $78,150, which has been placed in the current fiscal-year budget.

The council has not yet decided if it is going to hire CAAG or another firm to develop the general plan.

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