Task Force Questioning Work Of Sore Losers



I see this big fuss about the Mayor's Water Task Force as a bunch of sore heads who lost an election and appear to be acting like a bunch of Democrats, like the Deans, Gores, Pelosio, Reids, Murthus and all those other Democratic types of sore losers who go to any and all extremes to nitpick and cry over their loss.

Myself and others were not appointed by the mayor, or anyone else. As far as I know we were all volunteers who have an expertise on the related subject of water. We are geologists, engineers and other related professions who are committed to helping work out our water problems when and where we can.

Maybe if this were done by the past mayor and council we wouldn't have had this mess the new mayor and council inherited, and which the new mayor and council are so expertly turning around.

It's great to see a mayor and council who accept the responsibility of governing our town and leave the staff to do what they were hired to do for a change.

Ed Welge


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