Amended Ordinance Before Council

Councilors to discuss 4 changes to immigration ordinance Thursday


The Payson Town Council will discuss amendments to a recently passed immigration ordinance, set to go into effect July 1.

At Thursday's meeting, the council will re-examine an ordinance passed on March 15.

Mayor Bob Edwards said the goal is to clean up the ordinance, which he said is a common occurrence with ordinances.

According to the summary of the agenda item, the purpose was to seek council approval to amend Ordinance 709 and Resolution 2248 to correct some potential problems that have been brought to the town's attention.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter said Deputy Town Attorney Tim Wright worked on the language of the potential four amendments.

The first amendment cuts back original language that required business owners to include their business license number in all forms of advertising. If the amendment passes, business owners would only need to display license numbers on vehicles.

Another proposed change to the ordinance will be the removal of a section that punished landlords who rented to undocumented workers.

On March 15, Councilor Ed Blair voted against the ordinance because it included landlords.

Edwards said, as the town entered the implementation process of the ordinance, it was realized there were some gray areas that needed to be clarified.

"We had calls both ways," Edwards said. "Some were concerned, but more are supportive (of the immigration ordinance)."

The amendments will be presented in underline/strikeout format. All text not in underline/strikeout was approved under the original version of the ordinance and resolution.

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Click here to view a copy of the amended ordinance (PDF-56KB)

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