Bill Would End Sunset Clause


An Arizona State Legislative bill that would eliminate the "sunset clause" for the Gila County provisional community college district will experience a third reading by the Arizona State Senate this week and has already been passed by the Arizona House.

The provisional community college district, unique to Gila County, had a termination date of July 1, 2009. House Bill 2193 was created to expunge that deadline.

Gila Community College Board Member Don Crowley said he believes the bill should face "smooth sailing" within the Arizona government and that it will be passed.

If the Arizona Senate passes the bill, it will be sent to Gov. Janet Napolitano for her signature before it becomes law.

Crowley said, because he is confident that the bill will be passed, he'd like to focus on improving the structure and equalizing the funding among Arizona's community colleges.

He said the bill enabling the provisional community college district in Gila County to continue its operation is only a "Band Aid, when the college needs major surgery.

"I'd like to see a shift in focus in the Legislature to improve the community college system in Arizona, generally."

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