Ex-Boyfriend Gets One-Year Probation


A former Payson man who shot Susan Crim in the neck, leaving her paralyzed for life, was sentenced Monday afternoon to one year of standard probation and 30 days in Gila County Jail.

Frederick Parra Ortiz, 19, was convicted by a Gila County jury on possession of stolen property last month.


Frederick Parra Ortiz, 19, shows little emotion Monday as Gila County Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill handed down the sentence.

He showed little emotion as Gila County Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill handed down the sentence. Ortiz will be allowed to continue working on a work-release program while in jail.

Ortiz was accused of discharging a gun, shooting his then-girlfriend Susan Crim in the neck. Ortiz was acquitted of discharging a firearm within the town's limits.

Cahill said if Ortiz had been convicted of discharging a firearm with the limits of Payson, he possibly could have been sent to prison, because of the aggravating factors.

Deputy County Attorney Patti Wortman said the rightful owner of the stolen gun should be reimbursed for his travel time and cost of going to Globe to testify.

"We have to go forward with the sentencing that the jury found him guilty of," she said.

David Bednar, Ortiz's attorney, said it appeared to him the pre-sentence report was written as if his client has been convicted on firing the weapon in the town's limits.

He also said Crim, who attended the hearing telephonically, should not be heard in the sentencing, since she was no longer involved as a witness after the acquittal.

Bednar said his client has a good track record and a promising future, noting his steady employment, no felony record and his young age.

He asked the court to sentence Ortiz to probation and restitution to the owner of the stolen gun.

Ortiz apologized to the owner of the weapon "and especially to Susan Crim and her family."

"I should have investigated where the gun came from," he said.

Ortiz could possibly spend his incarceration time in Coconino County where he now lives.

He must report to jail no later than 5 p.m. April 17.

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