Is Justice Only For Those In Authority?



Does "justice" really mean "just us?"

In Gila County's recent history, a judge sitting on the bench was found to be in possession of cocaine. He was required to go to rehabilitation and the charges were expunged. The judge was given another chance.

Last Thursday, I asked a judge in Gila County to allow my brother to go to long-term alcohol rehabilitation (at his own expense) for alcohol abuse. This was during my brother's last few months of probation.

The judge had the choice of requiring my brother to wear an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet (also at his own expense) and to go into rehab. This choice would have allowed him recovery from his drinking and left him in my dying mother's life for the next three to six months that she may have to live with terminal liver cancer.

Instead, the judge sentenced him to 2.5 years in state prison. By doing so, he knowingly sentenced my mother to death without her son for comfort, love or a final kiss.

Is understanding and compassion only for those who are in a position of authority?

Paulette Sunley (sister), Mildred Furnas (mother), Payson

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