Rim Country Lucky To Have Friends Of Ferals



I just want to take time to publicly thank the Payson Friends of Ferals for your continued effort. I also want to take the time to welcome the newest member to our organization -- Sam. Like so many, Sam isn't new to the plight of the feral cats of Rim Country.

He and his family have been trapping, spaying and neutering the cats that show up at their house for some time. Thank God for these kinds of people who see this need and take a proactive measure to make it better -- people like Sam, Geneva, Guadelupe, the Bradleys, Pat, Sue and her dad and many more. Now, we have Payson Friends of Ferals. Our organization is two years old. We have put over 300 cats through the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program.

As we head into our second year, I can say with confidence that we have begun to change the landscape of the problem of feral cats in this community. Consider that one unspayed female and her offspring left unspayed and neutered, can, in a period of seven years, account for 400,000 cats. There is no denying that 300 cats spayed and neutered in a community of this size are changing things.

A beautiful byproduct of this project is the abandoned domesticated cats that have been re-homed and the kittens that have been domesticated and adopted into homes.

This is a huge problem in Rim Country. We are a long way from ending the crisis of hundreds of unwanted cats being killed in this community each year. But we are doing something about it. We are Payson Friends of Ferals. And we are working hard to make it better. Keep up the great work, friends.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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