Council Passes Ordinance Amendments, 7-0


The Payson Town Council Thursday night amended the business license ordinance that will punish employers who hire undocumented workers, beginning July 1.

During the public comment portion of the evening, no one spoke out, for or against, the amendments. They passed unanimously 7-0.

On March 15, the council passed the second reading of the ordinance, and on Thursday approved fine-tuning it to some degree.

Amending Ordinance 709 and Resolution 2248 was done to correct some potential problems that had been brought to the council's attention.

Deputy Town Attorney Tim Wright worked on the language of the amendment.

One of the amendments focuses on advertising and where advertising should be placed, as well as the companies that would need to have their licenses displayed.

The former ordinance wording stated that any advertisement by businesses would require having their business licenses displayed, including all types of media outlets.

Another portion of ordinance that was changed dealt with taking out the language to not allow landlords to rent to undocumented workers. Under the old language, landlords could have been punished if they knowingly rented residences to undocumented workers.

The changes to the ordinance that the council approved Thursday night include:

  • The requirement that the town business license number appear in all advertising has been amended so only vehicular advertising is covered.
  • The penalty for violations is the revocation of the business license. Violations by unlicensed individuals are misdemeanors.
  • The first two times a licensee is found to be hiring an undocumented worker, the license can be reinstated if the violations are remedied and an administrative fee is paid.
  • The prohibition on renting to individuals not legally in the United States has been removed.

In Payson, business licenses are good for one year from the date of issuance.

Click here to view a copy of the amended ordinance (PDF-56KB)

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