Town Program Helps With Home Repairs



If you own a home in the Town of Payson and your annual income meets certain guidelines, you may be eligible for assistance from the Town's housing rehabilitation program.

The housing rehab program addresses a variety of home improvement needs, including heating and cooling, plumbing, roofing and electrical repairs. It also includes the replacement of some mobile or manufactured homes. The Town was recently awarded $439,479 for this purpose and intends to apply for an additional $485,000 in 2007.

The money will be used to assist income-qualified homeowners with home improvements. The cost of the repairs is then assigned to each property as a no-interest, forgivable loan, which means that a portion of the loan is waived each year until the entire amount is forgiven. No repayment is required, as long as the homeowner lives in the home. If the homeowner sells or transfers the property before the loan is forgiven, the balance must be repaid to the Town so it can be used to help other people.

Since 2000, 41 Payson households have been assisted through this innovative program. Funding is provided by state and federal grants, such as the Community Development Block Grant program, State Special Projects and the HOME program.

The Town of Payson's housing rehab program was created to assist low to moderate-income families by providing safe, decent and affordable housing; upgrading living conditions through the rehabilitation of single-family, owner-occupied units; improving overall housing stock and the appearance of the Town of Payson; and supporting neighborhood-revitalization efforts.

Qualified applicants must provide verifiable income information, proof of homeowner's insurance and maintain a code-compliant property. All mortgage and tax payments must also be current. For a complete list of requirements and to reserve your spot at a pre-application meeting on April 17, contact Town of Payson Housing Program Manager Bethany Beck at (928) 474-5242, ext 269, or e-mail

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