New Board Would Shape Look Of Town


An ordinance that would create a design review board for Payson had its first reading at Thursday night's Payson Town Council meeting.

The ordinance and the board it would create have been under discussion for months.

Under the proposed ordinance, the design review board would make final decisions about the look of new buildings and signs.

Those rulings could be appealed to the council.

Jeanie Langham, chairwoman of the mayor's design and review task force, told the Payson Roundup Monday she is hopeful the ordinance will pass.

"It has been a long process," she said.

The design review board would likely have seven members. Not all would be required to reside in Payson. Two of the board members are not required to be residents of the town, as long as they own a business or property in Payson.

Two of the board members would need to have training or experience in the field of design.

The members of the board would have staggered terms, with three having three-year terms, two having two-year terms and two serving for one year.

The first task of the design review board would be to solicit public input and to review and recommend changes to the town's design review guidelines.

Community Development Director Jerry Owen would continue to handle minor design review applications.

On April 19, the Payson Town Council will have a second reading for the ordinance establishing a design review board for the town. If passed, it would become law after 30 days.

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