60 Apply For Police Chief Position


The Town of Payson has received 60 resumes for the police chief position being vacated by Gordon Gartner, who is retiring at the end of June.

The closing date for applications is today.

Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter said current Payson Police Commander Don Engler will be one of the candidates.

The process of narrowing the list of candidates will begin on Monday. A search committee, consisting of council members and residents, will begin by looking at hiring criteria.

Mayor Bob Edwards said the process could be a lengthy one, but the new police chief will be in place by the first of July.

"They will look at the applicants and sort them out to (determine) who would fit," he said.

Edwards said he is surprised there has been so much interest in the job, noting that only 30 people applied for the chief financial officer a few months ago, to replace the retiring Glenn Smith.

Carpenter said he was not too surprised with the number of applicants, since the position could be a career move into a nice community.

Human Resources Director Bob Smith said the salary range for the position is $77,229 to $115,843. The salary will be based on experience.

"I can't see anyone coming in and getting the maximum salary," Smith said.

Once the committee makes the first cut, which will be based on resumes and supporting information, the Town of Payson will send the remaining semifinalist candidates' questionnaires on April 23.

Based on the answers to the questionnaires, the committee will select five or six finalists.

Carpenter said the finalists will be brought to Payson and put through an assessment for two days.

The candidates will meet all the department heads, and meet members of the public. Finalists would move from one room to another room, so residents would be able to see and talk to all of them.

Carpenter said the Payson Town Council will question the candidates, but the decision of who to hire as the new police chief is his.

"When all is said and done, the committee will make a recommendation to me," the town manager said.

The Payson Town Council would have to approve the person Carpenter wants to hire.

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