Engler Should Be Given A Chance



As a resident and a businesswoman in Payson, I do not understand why the town is spending money to advertise all over the country for a police chief, when we have Don Engler ready to step into that position.

He has been here since 1984, working for the police department and working his way up through the ranks. He has prepared himself by getting a college degree and a master's degree and attending the FBI National Academy. And the city wants someone unknown from someplace else to run our department?

We know Don and he is dedicated to Payson and its citizens. Don is one of the most professional police officers I have ever met and a true gentleman.

Who better to look into the police department than retired police chiefs who understand what the business is about? My understanding is, they have looked into all aspects of the department over eight months and feel that the department is one of the best they have seen.

Those of us who live in Payson know what a great police department we have. Don has earned the right to be police chief. I am sure he will come in with some new ideas and make any changes that are needed. I have never known a better police officer to deal with and I have never heard a word said against him. Come on council, when a man works this hard to prepare, let's give him a chance.

Marguerite Turlukis, Payson

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