Swimbaits Catch Big Bass At Roosevelt



Springtime is the chance to catch big bass at Roosevelt Lake with a variety of techniques.

Probably the most overlooked and least understood method is fishing with a swimbait. A swimbait is a replica of a variety of baitfish that can be supper for a true lunker largemouth bass.

Most swimbaits are made of soft plastic that appear to be a shad, bluegill, baby crappie and, yes, even a fingerling bass. When a five-pound-plus fish is on the prowl, any of these replicas can be its likely next meal. A predatory fish like a largemouth bass will strike one of these swimbaits as it crosses his path.

One of the best on the market in color exactness and action in the water is the Castaic Platinum Series, made right here in Arizona. They are field tested by professional bass fishermen and improved with their recommendations to make the best quality swimbaits on the market with which will catch trophy largemouths.

When throwing a swimbait, it is important to note that the target fish are few and far between in most lakes so the fishermen might be waiting for two or three quality bites in an outing on the lake. Remember, as a general rule, big fish strike big baits.

Roosevelt Lake has a healthy population of 5- to 10-pound largemouths and they can be caught with an accurate replica of the forage fish they stalk. The new Platinum Series made by Castaic may be the most exact replica on the market.

To throw a bigger artificial bait, a heavier rod is needed with a little more backbone. Rogue has created the SB807C or SB796C, which are the perfect rods for this kind of fishing. They are light enough that your arm and shoulder won't wear out after a few casts and have enough stiffness to cast a large lure like a swimbait at that five-pound or bigger largemouth. Fishing with the new Castaic swimbaits can increase your odds of catching a trophy largemouth from Roosevelt Lake.

This weekend, take someone fishing and enjoy God's creation.

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