Tonto Village Residents Come Out To ‘Meet The Chief'


This past Monday evening, a "Meet the Chief" meeting was held for all volunteer and prospective volunteer firemen at the Tonto Village Fire Station. Chief Gary Hatch, the chief of Diamond Star Fire District has been contracted to be the interim chief for the Tonto Village Fire Department.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide a training schedule and the rules and regulations for becoming a volunteer firefighter for the district. Training will take place every first and third Wednesday of each month, starting at 6 p.m. There will also be training on the fourth Saturday of the month, starting at 8:30 a.m. Proper attire will be required for all training days. The ‘Mini Academy' will begin on June 2. Call the station at (928) 478-4875 for more information.

In other fire district news, fire burn permits are being developed by the fire department. There will probably be two burn permits required and both of them will be available at the fire station. Residents of Tonto Village may not know of this, but if any burning is done in a barrel, it needs to be just wood shavings, etc. -- no garbage. There is a $10,000 fine for burning trash. Please have a water hose close by and never leave the fire. Make sure that the fire is dead out.

There has been a lot of activity in cleaning up both fire station 61 and fire station 62. Rick Washburn and Jay Wagner of Collins Ranch spent all day this past Friday cleaning up the lots around the fire stations. Chief Hatch also came by with a bucket loader and that sped things up tremendously. A big "thank you" goes out to Rick, Jay and Chief Hatch for all the hard work.

The Gila County Road Department needs to be commended for widening the shoulders on the Control Road. The crew has been watering down the road and that is so appreciated by everyone in the Village.

Sometimes the dust gets so bad from all the traffic that the particles just hang in the air. We appreciate the help in holding back the dust and air pollution from this unpaved road. Keep up the good work -- we would like to see the water truck every day.

Memorial luncheon

Robert Winchester and his wife Ruth Ann will be hosting a memorial luncheon for Paul Livermore, formerly of Collins Ranch. Paul passed away last year and he is sorely missed. There will be a light luncheon beginning at noon. Paul's family will be in attendance and all of Paul friends are welcome to attend this small service.

Wedding in Maui

Pam Furubotten has just returned from a trip to Maui, Hawaii. Her grandson, Justin Boyce and Jessica Stiles were married on the beach in a beautiful ceremony. Both Justin and Jessica are now living in California. Congratulations and it is hoped that they have a very long and happy marriage.

Get well wishes and birthdays

Connie Weldon is the only birthday this week. Connie lives in Tonto Village III and she will be celebrating her big day with her family on April 15. Have a great day, Connie.

Mae Jones of Bear Flat had emergency open-heart surgery this past week. Mae is recuperating with her family in the

Valley. Mae is a regular player with the Domino Divas group that meets at the Tonto Village Chapel every Wednesday. Hurry up and get well, Mae, we miss you.

Crystal Long, daughter of Leon Long has been operated on for brain tumors at the Phoenix Children's Hospital recently. Crystal's family and friends wish her a speedy recovery.

Pool results

The winners of the nine-ball tournament will be announced next week. This past Sunday afternoon at the Double D, a nine-ball rotation game was played instead of the eight-ball tournament.

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