Volunteers Needed At Payson Humane Society



As the days grow longer and warmer, this snowbird writer feels the pull to go back north to a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

In a few weeks an already overtaxed shelter staff and board will do their best to cover the columns that have presented adoptable cats and dogs to Roundup readers. They will need to take pictures of each animal that comes through the shelter door, write a description of it, post it on three Web sites and try to keep the database of homeless animals as accurate and current as possible.

This is a full-time job for people who already have full-time jobs taking care of the shelter's daily needs.

From October through April they get snowbird relief, but from May through September help is needed. According to my records I have photographed 130 dogs and 96 cats and placed their descriptions on Petfinder and Pets911 in the past six months. The resulting adoptions have been very gratifying.

If there are any animal-loving digital photographers, writers with a heart for animals in need, or computer-literate individuals out there who could give a little time each week to getting to know a shelter animal, writing its description and taking its photo, please call or stop by the shelter.

This job is very important, as it gives adoptable animals more exposure to a wider audience.

It is a fun and rewarding experience to see these efforts pay off by helping to place a homeless animal into a good home.

In a nutshell, what is needed is a team of volunteers who can fill these niches:

  • Dog photographer
  • Cat photographer
  • Writer of pet descriptions
  • Web site data entry
  • Journalist for press releases

Now for this week's adoptable pets:


Cajun is a handsome 3-year-old neutered male Hound mix. His short white coat has bold reddish brown spots on it -- very eye-catching.

Cajun is an amicable, easy going dog and handles nicely on leash. He responds to his handlers readily.

He is calm, obedient and very people friendly. He gets along fine with other dogs, too.

He'd love to find a home with a family that has a big grassy yard for him to play in and a soft bed to rest on.

He would enjoy going for walks each day and resting at your feet when he's tired.


Princess is a smooth caramel-brown 9-month-old spayed female Ridgeback/Hound mix. She has been a family dog and is exceptionally good with children.

She gets along well with other dogs and is used to cats.

Princess is a strong dog who will need a minimum of two daily walks or other strenuous exercise to keep her balanced and relaxed. She walks well on leash, but she needs a handler who is calm, firm and gives her direction along with physical and mental challenges.

Princess is eager to enter a new life with a family that is willing to spend time with her teaching her tricks and doggie etiquette.


Becker is a very friendly 2-year-old spayed female Border Collie/Lab mix. She really turns heads with her prim black and white colors.

Becker is a smart, well-trained pup who sits at attention for her biscuit before you even open the bag. Amazing!

She handles nicely on leash and enjoys outdoor excursions in the park or woods.

She is great with children and when a school group came through our shelter, she rolled over to let everyone rub her chest and tummy.

Becker likes to play with other dogs in the exercise yard. If you have other dogs in the family, bring them in to see how they like each other.


Spinoza is a magnificent 3-year-old neutered male Tuxedo cat. His black-and-white coat and spray of white whiskers are quite dapper.

He is a friendly, lovable, well-balanced cat.

Spinoza is looking forward to going to a new home where he will have a lot more space for exercising and people who will be there for him whenever he needs them.


Goliath is a noble 1-year-old neutered male black-and-white cat. We named him Goliath not because he is big, but because of his grand spirit.

He came to our shelter with a kitten that has since been adopted, but once when a big dog ran through their yard, Goli picked up the kitten in his mouth and ran with it into the house, saving its life. Such a hero!

When the two of them were in foster care, their foster parents marveled at how gentle and tolerant Goli was with his kitten buddy.

He is a good boy in every way, from perfect house manners to loving behavior toward his human friends.

Quilt raffle

A delightful quilt appropriately named "Pound Puppies," was made by Joyce Baker and artfully quilted by Debbie Stanton to benefit Payson Humane Society. Raffle tickets are $1 each or six for $5. For more information, tickets or to find out where the quilt can be viewed, call the Humane Society at (928) 474-5590.

Rummage sale

The humane society is preparing for a large rummage sale.

The sale is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 12 at St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church, 511 S. St. Phillips St.

Donations of quality items for the sale are now being accepted. Due to a shortage of volunteers and space, clothing or books cannot be accepted this year. Furniture or appliances will be accepted only if in good condition and as space allows.

All donations are tax deductible. If you have something to donate for this sale, please call Penny at (928) 474-4648 to arrange for pick-up. Please do not bring donations directly to the shelter.

Aluminum can recycling

The Payson Humane Society is very grateful to those currently donating aluminum cans to our recycling program.

Dalmatian-painted bins for aluminum cans are located at Town Hall, Payson Campground, the Pine Fire Station and the Humane Society.

Only aluminum beverage cans are accepted for this program. They don't need to be washed or crushed, but should be empty and bagged with nothing else in the bag (i.e., other garbage).

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