A Links Game Of Hopscotch


Members of the Payson Women's Golf Association added a new twist to the children's game of hopscotch.

Rather than tossing a "lag" or marker onto a designated square, then hopping and straddling a chalked course without touching a line or bounding out, the members locked horns on the links in four-person teams.

"We used one-best ball on par 5s, two-best balls on par 4s and three-best balls on par 3s," said PWGA member Joyce Goff.

When the dust settled April 12 in the uniquely formatted skirmish, the team of Lois Judd, Jan Burns, Kay Davis and Dorothy Meek had staked claim to the tournament title with a card of 120.

Laura Meyocks, Mary Cain, Judy Neal and Ethel Zakariason took silver medal honors, posting a 124.

Third-place honors were garnered by the foursome of Karen Peterson, Mary Jones, Blanch Nyberg and Claudia Bullard. The team finished at 126.

Isabella Sockrider, a longtime standout on the PWGA nine-hole circuit, pocketed closest to the pin prize money on No. 8, with a tee shot that left her just one-foot, six-inches shy of an ace.

Laura Meyocks, who has won about every PWGA tournament title offered, was closest on No. 14, at 10 feet, 14 inches.

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