Offering A Five-Part Solution To Immigration Problem



I have read numerous articles concerning our illegal immigrant problem and decided that I would state my solution.

I am sure that the majority of legal United States citizens know we have a problem and that nothing is being done to correct it. The why of the inability of our Congress to enact and pass legislation to correct and halt illegal immigration is the monetary power of business owners (CEOs, stockbrokers and board chairmen).

The politicians answer only to the money people. Our nation's security and interests come second to their own monetary gains.

As you can guess, my views are very conservative and my solution is brief and to the point.

1. Close the borders of the United States. If it takes a fence or two parallel fences and additional border guards, then do it.

2. Give the illegals who are here 90 days to leave the country on their own without a penalty. After the 90-day period, any illegal left in the United States would be subject to arrest, charged with the convicted of a felony, fingerprinted, eyeprinted and DNA data recorded on a national computer database, after which the illegal would be deported and never allowed to legally immigrate to the United States. This information would be widely disseminated to and through all radio, television and newspaper outlets, so no illegal could plead ignorance.

3. A second offense would mean automatic imprisonment of one year of which work would be required to offset the cost of food, clothing, housing and any medical bills.

4. A third offense would incur a sentence of five years and the provisions, as listed in item #3.

5. We need a firm and controllable immigration policy and we seem to have a need for a guest worker program. However, both must be within our control. Those coming in must be legal and the length of stay by the guest worker permit must be trackable as to where they are and when they are to leave the country. Their exit date must be adhered to and is the responsibility of the guest worker permit holder. Failure to exit on time would forfeit any future guest worker permit to that person.

My other plan for illegal immigration is much more draconian and although it would work, it would not be well-accepted by our world of today.

C.W. Smith, Payson

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