Surprise Your Mother With A Handcrafted Treasure Box



Mother's Day is May 13 this year -- a little less than a month away. So, now is probably the time to get busy with handcrafted gifts or serious shopping.

Most mothers have all sorts of trinkets and mementos they treasure. So, how about crafting a treasure box for her?


It may be just a round box, but with paint, fabric or pretty paper, plus embellishments, it can become a treasure box to give your mom for Mother's Day.

The most attractive box to use is a round papier-mache box you can find among craft supplies.

To decorate it, let your mother's favorites be your guide. Use paint and stencils; or fabric or pretty paper to cover the plain boxes, and then embellish with silk flowers, baubles and beads, bows, birds, etc.

Get a round box, fabric or paper, and then cut circles slightly larger than both the box and its top -- the excess will be used to turn under the lid and over the top edge of the box.

Glue the fabric or paper to the box and its top. The covering may need to be manipulated some, to give a smooth fit.

Once the covering is set, decorate as desired. Attach embellishments with good craft glue that dries clear.

There are two different box-decorating techniques I found on the HGTV Web site, fabric-covered boxes and embossed boxes.

Fabric-Covered Boxes

Recycle cereal and shoe boxes into decorative storage by covering them with self-adhesive fabric that comes on a roll.


self-adhesive fabric rolls (Jo-Ann, etc.)

boxes (hat, cereal, oatmeal, shoeboxes)


large cutting mat




1. To start, unroll some of the fabric face down on a good-sized work surface. Place a box on the fabric, making sure to leave some excess at the top and the bottom to fold the fabric onto the bottom and inside of the box. Keep rolling the box to determine how much of the fabric is required to cover it. Cut along the grid lines on the paper backing.

2. Slowly peel some of the paper backing off as you adhere it to the box, smoothing as you go. Fold the top edges into the box and the bottom edge onto the bottom of the box. Cover the top of the container in a matching or accent fabric in the same manner to finish the look.

3. Use ribbons as a nice finishing detail to hold the box closed.

Embossed Box

Personalize gift containers with embossing powders.

Sharon Clinton shares how to emboss ordinary craft boxes with glittery powder for beautiful gift containers.


Craft box

Craft paint

Rubber stamp(s) in desired design

Embossing powder

Heat gun


1. Paint craft box, as desired.

2. Press the rubber stamp on a pad of embossing glue. Press stamp on the box.

3. Sprinkle the embossing powder on the stamped image and tap off excess powder.

4. Use a heat gun on the image for about 30 seconds.

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