Eleven Apply For High School Athletic Director


Candidates from within the school district and around the state are lining up to become Payson High School's next athletic director/assistant principal.

"We have three applicants from within the district, one other local (applicant) and about seven from outside (the district)," said PHS assistant principal Tim Fruth, who was appointed acting athletic director two months ago.

Fruth replaced longtime athletic director Dave Bradley, after he was reassigned, following a student-athlete eligibility controversy.

Confidentiality guidelines forbid the district from releasing the names of the job candidates.

Fruth said he enjoyed the challenges of being the school's interim athletic director, but is not a candidate for the permanent position.

Although there has been no official deadline set for applications for the athletic director position, district administrators will begin interviewing candidates the week of April 30.

"We still have applications coming in, but we want to fill the position as soon as possible," Fruth said.

Among those who have already indicated an interest are candidates with varying levels of experience.

"There are those who have been very successful (athletic directors) before and some who would be new to the job," Fruth said. "We are very happy with the quality of the candidates we have thus far."

Although experience is one of the criteria administrators are considering in applicants, other traits are also important in the selection process.

"Customer service skills are absolutely critical," Fruth said. "We also want someone who has a love of athletics, has some new ideas and is creative."

In addition to overseeing extracurricular activities, the new AD would also have assistant principal responsibilities that include student discipline, attendance and other duties, as assigned.

The selection of the new athletic director, Fruth said, "is an important hire for the high school. We need to do what's best for the school and the community."

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