New Casino Should Include Nonsmoking Section



My husband and I really enjoy going to Mazatzal Casino and are looking forward to the new casino opening. We also know that Mazatzal is a big local contributor to our community and surrounding areas and appreciate their efforts.

What we are very concerned about is the lack of a decision by the group to offer a nonsmoking section in the new casino. The state of Arizona is about to enforce a smoking ban, as have many other states.

Time and time again, we learn more about the dangers of secondhand smoke. The casino regularly attracts local seniors and citizens who came here for healthier living and cleaner air.

It is time the casino decide to build and offer a nonsmoking section to support the needs of our community and do their part to offer an option to their local patrons and keep our citizens healthy, for those of us who enjoy the casino, but not the stale, unhealthy air in it. Please contact Farrell Thompson, marketing director and Jerry Holland, controller at (800) 777-7529 and let your voices be heard. The time is now to let them know we need and want a nonsmoking section in the new casino.

Monica Woolcock, Payson

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