After Fire, Mother And Son Try To Rebuild


Deborah and her son Jon Coleman are busy trying to put the pieces of their lives back together since their home burned down on March 27.

"I didn't realize how many things would need to be done when something like this happens," Deborah Coleman said. "It is overwhelming."


Since losing his home in a fire, the Payson Senior Circle has loaned Jon Coleman a walker -- made necessary by his muscular dystrophy.

Family memorabilia is irreplaceable.

Jon's manual wheelchair and his mother's electric wheelchair are costly items the family does not have ready means to replace.

In the meantime, Payson Senior Circle has loaned Jon a walker -- made necessary by his muscular dystrophy.

A neighbor has given the Colemans a place to stay.

Jon turned 18 in October and will graduate from Payson High School with honors this year.

"The loss of our home is hitting him little by little, but he handles everything so well," Deborah Coleman said.

Catch A Special Thrill, the fishing tournament Jon has participated in every spring for many years, replaced all the trophies and plaques he won in the past.

But his mother laments the artwork her son made for her and the family's pictures.

Jon is also missing his cat, Tigger, that Coleman thought was outside.

"Once we all got out of the house with Tyson, our dog, it took two adults to hold Tyson back from going into the house," Coleman said.

Later, firefighters gave them the bad news.

Coleman said, according to town regulations, she has until April 27 to remove the burned mobile home from the property.

"I am still trying to get that organized," she said. "If anyone has backhoes or a dumpster they could help us out with, I would appreciate it."

Her phone number is (928) 951-1102.

Donations can be made to the Coleman Family Home Replacement Fund at Bank of America.

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