Investing Money With Love


The Mogollon Health Alliance and the Gracie Lee Haught Children's Memorial Fund contributed $30,000 in equipment and supplies to help open the education resource center at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Members of the Gracie Lee Haught Committee added hundreds of hours of volunteer labor to give the center a special appeal, painting half of the interior with themes that might be found in a pediatrics ward.

"The decision to make the contributions was made after three babies had to be transported by air to the Valley from the hospital," said Judy Baker, director of MHA. "We know there is a critical need for nurses and especially pediatric nurses, so we thought there was no better way to use the money."

Lynn Sommars and Tammy DeWees developed the concept of the education resource center, said PRMC CEO Chris Wolf.

He said everyone would benefit from improved health care because of the new facility. In appreciation of their efforts to make the center a welcoming place, the members of the committee responsible for the decorations were presented gift certificates. The recipients were Melanie Barnett, Patti Beeler, Julie Sexton, Raylene Phillips, Jaimie Ludtke, Tandi Burket, Toni Parker and Bobby Jo Haught.

The public can see the work the committee did and what the money bought at the center's open house, from 2 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 25.

One of the committee members wrote the following poem to welcome people to the Gracie Lee Haught Education Resource Center of Payson Regional Medical Center:

Our Gracie's House, this has become.

It's visual proof that her spirit lives on.

As you tour each room you'll find many scenes.

They symbolize Gracie's life, and her dreams

Here are a few tips and explanations for you all,

Who may have questions about what's on the walls.

In the entrance, and through the hall it carries,

A flowery garden with magical fairies.

Inspired by Gracie's beautiful being,

It will give you such a whimsical feeling.

The Jungle bathroom is kind of wild,

It symbolizes, pretty well, a 3-year-old child.

And monkeys; her mom recalls a trip to the zoo,

Where she kept asking, "What are they saying to you?"

The Sunshine/Frog room, can't agree on what it's called

Makes you feel so happy just to stand there and stare at the wall.

Gracie was our Sunshine, and she still shining away,

Like the Glow from this room in the middle of the day.

The infants' Angel room, needless to say,

Our Gracie proves she's an Angel every day.

It's our interpretations of an early morning sky,

With scurrying Angels towards Heaven they fly.

From their nightly journey here on earth

Kissing every baby from the day of their birth.

The Picnic room will hopefully remind you to stay

Like Gracie "light-hearted" throughout the day.

Along the light-hearted, Mom compiled deco,

You'll find special niches to look for and adore.

For instance in every room Gracie's name will appear

Written in some ways that might not be quite clear.

Also to look for on your seek and find,

Gracie sends Ladybugs sometimes as a sign.

One more thing as you glance through the scape,

Each room has a remembrance ribbon shape.

The Ocean room is the one that gets your heart

It came out better than we planned from the start.

Our Gracie, a girl with a short magical life.

Walked through our hearts and signed her name, bye-bye.

But she's still making tracks all over town,

There ain't nothin' gonna hold that girl down.

To all who come through, if you like what you see,

The one to give thanks to is Our Gracie Lee.

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