Thoughts On The Water Situation Of Payson, Pine And Strawberry



I would like to remind Robert Henley that it was he, and the former mayor and a majority of past Payson Town Council members who, along with a few special interest groups, were the ones who engineered this fiasco involving the Tower Well into today's present mess.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these are much the same group of conspirators who are already in the smoke-filled back rooms planning the next move to take back the Council and its mayorship, in order to complete their agenda of greed and misuse of our water for their own agendas.

Voters beware when the next election comes around. We now have the best mayor Payson has ever had. However, he must have a council that will support him.

A very similar situation is developing in Pine and Strawberry.

There is a special interest group that is back again in business. A few years ago there was a special interest group that made a feeble attempt to take over the PSWID and the P/S Water Co. and sock the residents with a $12.1 million bond issue. However, the attempt failed, thereby allowing the County to take over the PSWID. The County appointed a chairperson to manage the PSWID, which, in turn, ended in another fiasco that cost the taxpayers bundles of money and a list of unexplained questions concerning its expenditures.

This is the whole thing in at nutshell. He who ignores history, repeats it. P/S voters, beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Remember the Trojan horse. Before you listen to this group, investigate completely. Smooth talk is not always the truth. There is an agenda here, as before, and it is not in your best interest as a citizen in P/S.

Ed Welge, Payson

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