Disappointed In Businessman's Opposition To Immigration Ordinance



Mr. Jim Hill, owner of The Door Stop, complains that there is no way he can verify the immigration status of a prospective employee. But, unless I am reading incorrectly, the Social Security Administration offers a method to determine if a Social Security number is valid through name matching.

A recent case in North Carolina exposed just one of over 300 persons with the same number. (Bear in mind that this is the same "gummint" that we are supposed to think can manage a Guest Worker program.)

This illegal alien problem is reaching a boil. This is the time to act by targeting those who would employ illegal aliens.

In spite of some published moans and groans, this legislation has nothing to do with our fine Hispanic friends and neighbors.

It's about crime, depressed wages and sleaze.

America is cursed with a flood of illegals who include several million Chinese and about 50,000 Irish in and around Boston. Detain and deport them all.

Dick Norton, Payson

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