Get Ready For Easier Breathing



In fewer than five days, the Smoke-free Arizona Act goes into effect.

In November of 2006, the citizens of Arizona made their voices heard by passing Proposition 201, known as the Smoke-free Arizona Act. This statute prohibits smoking in most indoor places.

To help residents and business owners better understand the Smoke-free Arizona Act, the Arizona Department of Health and Services has launched an information line and a Web site. The free information line is (877) 297-8677. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Web site is and it provides comprehensive information on the Smoke-free Arizona Act and its requirements.

Remember, if you are outside smoking, please put your cigarette completely out when finished, and never throw a cigarette out of a car window. Fires have been started by people tossing cigarettes out of cars. The weather is warming up and we want to enjoy this summer without any fires.

It has been really quiet in Christopher Creek, but, as the weather gets hotter, people will be escaping the heat and heading for the mountains.

All the campgrounds are open, as is Woods Canyon Lake. If you are hiking in the forest, please be aware of your surroundings. As it warms up, the snakes are out sunning themselves. Always wear closed-toe shoes and carry a stick.

Bears are out of hibernation and have their babies. If you see a cub by itself, chances are good the mother is close by. So, keep your distance from the cub.

If you are camping, please make sure your fire is completely out before you leave your campsite.

Please respect the forest, and whatever you carry in, carry it out.


Christopher Creek residents celebrating a birthday in May include: May 4 -- Marlys Szezepanski and Kendra Lewinson, May 5 -- Pat Guevara, May 8 -- Pat McCollum, May 10 -- Nancy Ashby, May 12 -- Art Gardner and Cindy Sabo, May 14 --Jackie Ezell, May 15 -- Pam Milhon, May 18 -- Rhea Hoedl and Dave Carrothers, May 19 -- Susan Ronn and Victoria Turco, May 22 -- John Matus, May 23 -- Olive Matus, May 30 -- Jerry Fisher and Frank Marazza. Wishing all of you a Happy Birthday.

Homeowners meeting

All representatives of the four homeowners associations in Christopher Creek area are working very hard to raise $50,000 in matching funds to clear a fuel break through the forest on the west side of the community. Those representatives are Gary Anderson and Karen Thorton, Christopher Creek HOA, Karl Mann, Hunter Creek HOA, Jennifer Kiley, See Canyon HOA, and Daniel Offidani, The Brooks HOA.

Some of the groups are just now contacting their homeowners, but, so far, they have raised $9,990. All property owners are urged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to add protection to their homes by contributing to the C-K Firebelles Fuel Break Fund.

A donation of $350 will clear an acre of dangerous fire fuel. The associations have two months left to raise $40,000.

Promising future

Congratulations to Evan Morton who just received the final donation he needed to attend the Lead America Aviation and Aeronautics program. Evan is the son of Kenny and Gail Morton.

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