'Leakage' Goes Both Ways



I read your plea to the residents of Payson not to take their dollars to the Valley of the Sun. We live down here, but we have a cabin a few miles from Payson and we take our dollars and spend some of them up there.

I think you want it both ways -- Payson residents to shop locally and then count visitor's sales taxes as well. I know you know this, but dollars are dollars.

If I were the mayor, I would work on keeping Payson a great tourist spot and work as hard as possible to get rid of the crime and drug/alcohol matters before all of us get sick of the crap and sell our properties.

We love the area, but you ignore the impact that many of us bring to Payson coffers. I dare say that visitors account for quite a bit of income to the town. Make us feel welcome. What if our mayors asked us not to spend money up there? Hey, it is a free country and wage earners can spend whatever and wherever they wish.

Carl Carter, Scottsdale

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