Star Valley Adds To Town Vehicle Fleet


Nearly two decades old and in need of a paint job, one lucky Ford Taurus received a makeover and a promotion in recent weeks, elevating its status to elite ranks that not many used vehicles can hope to reach -- the top of the town government.

Sarah Luckie, town clerk of Star Valley, was the given the keys to the town's newest official vehicle.


Town clerk Sarah Luckie uses the new town car to run errands. She estimated that she drives at least 50 miles a week for town matters.

The town purchased the 1988 Taurus for $800 from a Star Valley resident.

Luckie said that town officials had been searching for a used car and that when they stumbled upon the Taurus that had only 50,000 miles, they couldn't pass it up.

The car has since received a new paint job, been branded with the official town logo and been on several formal errands, driven by Luckie. Luckie said the town paid about $600 for the upgrades.

Luckie needed the car to run errands for the town, including visiting the post office, the bank or stopping in at the courthouse for town business.

She estimated that she drives at least 50 miles a week for town matters.

Star Valley previously purchased two official town trucks from Phil White Ford in December.

The 2007 Ford F-150 and a Ford Ranger are used by Town Manager Vito Tedeschi and Building Inspector Karl Reed, respectively.

Luckie said the town doesn't have any plans to purchase any more vehicles.

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