Supervisors Declared April 22 To 28 Victims' Rights Week



The Gila County Board of Supervisors adopted a proclamation designating this week, April 22 to 28, as National Victims' Rights Week in Gila County. The proclamation was officially ratified at the Supervisors' board meeting of April 17.

In November 1990, Proposition 104 amended the Arizona Constitution Victims Bill of Rights. In January 1992, Crime Victims' Rights were established and in September 1996, Victims' Rights for Juvenile Offenses came into effect.

Victims of crimes committed by adults or juveniles are given rights under the State Constitution, Arizona case law and Court Rules. Victims of crimes have a right to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity and to be free from intimidation, harassment or abuse throughout the criminal or juvenile justice process.

All state, county and municipal justice agencies and courts in Arizona are required to perform certain duties to ensure that you, as a victim, receive your rights.

This week is National Victims' Rights week. The Division of Victim Services of the Gila County Attorney's Office helps see that your rights as a victim are protected and preserved. The Gila County Attorney Victim Services Unit calls upon all citizens, community agencies, religious organizations, medical facilities and businesses to remain united in our commitment to ensure that all crime victims and survivors are treated with compassion and respect, recognized as key participants throughout our systems of justice and afforded services that provide help and hope to them.

Liz Fetterman, Gila County Attorney's Office Victim Witness Advocate/Coordinator

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