Why Does The Left Align Itself With The Enemy?



One cannot but wonder at the perversity of the left these days. I can think of no better word to describe it.

The cartoon of April 10 in the Payson Roundup is a perfect example. I assume the perverse cartoonist is one of the "Blame America First" crowd.

As to the cartoon, one might ask, who is represented by the masked man holding a whip? I think the fat guy with the dazed look, the subject of interrogation, represents Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man widely believed to be implicated in the murder of 3,000.

The only people I've seen wearing masks like this are Jihadists about to behead some other innocent, like Daniel Pearl, a colleague of this scribbler, now a headless casualty of mask-wearing Jihadis.

The leftist view of the world, unchanged since Nevill Chamberlain in 1939, no matter how many times proven wrong, is that we need a dialogue, we need to talk, no matter the demon on the other side of the table.

Nancy Pelosi was willing to talk to any political gangster, to travel 6,000 miles to talk to the thug of Damascus, but unwilling to travel to a meeting with our commander-in-chief in order to settle differences and get funding to the troops.

"The road to peace goes through Damascus," indeed. The word perversity doesn't suffice somehow.

Wasn't it the left who not long ago complained of a deficiency of body armor and hardened Humvees or sufficient training?

Why, have you asked yourself lately, do the goals and policies of the left, as represented by the Democrats, align so often and so precisely with the stated goals of Al Qaeda and other enemies of God?

Asking in a simpler vein, whom would Osama Bin Laden vote for? I'm betting he's (again, like so many Democrats) still got that Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers on his Toyota.

While we are at war, how do you both support our troops and at home align with our enemies? How can you deride the commander, call him names and indicate to all the world, friends and enemies, that your opposition is supported by powerful domestic partisans, and that there exists great division and yet you "support the troops."

I realize the Roundup is under new editorial management. I hope this cartoon is not indicative of a tilt to the left.

Steve Morgan, Pine

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