Game And Fish Removes Snared Bears



The biggest news in Tonto Village this week is the huge amount of rain that has fallen. It has rained just about every day since the official start of the monsoon, which was the second week of July.

According to Tonto Village resident Rick Prach, the rainfall amount so far this year is just under 6 inches for the village.

However in other areas, it amounted to a bit more. For instance, Bear Flat rain totals were higher. Dara Sutton, who puts out a bulletin for the residents, also keeps track of the amount of precipitation in the area. Dara has recorded 5.67 inches of rainfall for the month of July. The average is 2.6 inches. Since the rainfall was more than usual, the creek crossings were impassable three times in one week. Dara cannot remember when that has happened before.



The Riep sisters visited Tonto Village and snapped photos of these two visiting bears.

Bear Flat is living up to its name. This past week, three bears have been spotted in the area.

The Arizona Game and Fish were notified and managed to snare one of the bears. The bear will be relocated to a safer area.

The residents of Bear Flat would like to remind all campers and part-time residents that trash attracts the bears. It can't be stressed enough that all trash should be bagged up and away from any critters for your own safety.


Tonto Village residents need to be careful of snakes in the area. Two snakes have been killed in the past few weeks in Tonto Village III. The snakes seem to be hanging out in woodpiles, and just about everyone in the village has a pile of wood for winter. Caution should be taken when moving any of the wood. According to one of the residents, these snakes are the poisonous kind and should not be taken lightly.

Retirement party

A reminder of a retirement party for longtime Mead Ranch resident Wally Onizchak today at Tonto Village Fire board chairman's home, Rick Washburn. The party will begin at 6:30 pm.

Chief Gary Hatch has donated the steaks and everyone else should bring a covered dish to share.

Wally has been Assistant Chief at station #62 for a number of years, and has decided to retire again. R.S.V.P. For directions to Rick Washburn's home in the Mead & Collins Ranch area, call 928-478-4663.

Tonto Village Fire District

Important notice! Chief Gary Hatch has postponed the last training session for the ‘Mini Academy' from this Saturday, August 4, to the next Saturday, August 11 at the fire station #61 beginning at 8:30 a.m.

All volunteers are to be at this last session. The fire department auxiliary, the Fireflies, will provide the lunch for the men at noon.

Block party

Everyone in the village should have received a flier from one of our local welders, Willie Nourse. Willie is sponsoring his annual block party this weekend, August 3 and 4.

The affair will have at least four bands playing throughout the weekend. Bring along a covered dish and enjoy the music and catching up with the latest news of the village.

The contact person is Landon Fitch and the telephone number is 480-215-4758.

Part of the village near Shelby School will be cordoned off, so make alternate plans to get around the village.

Get Well

Audrey Shaw, of Tonto Village III, took a nasty spill last week and wound up with a broken hip. Audrey has been a resident for many years and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

Birthday wishes

Jerry King of Tonto Village III and of Texas and New Mexico, will celebrate his birthday on August 7. Jerry loves to go four-wheeling and does much of it in New Mexico.

August 11 is Debbie O'Donnell's big day. Debbie lives at Mead Ranch and is a regular parishioner at the Tonto Village Chapel. She works tirelessly with the children who attend Vacation Bible School every year.

Junior Barr is also a parishioner at the Chapel and will also share his birthday with Debbie on the 11th. Happy birthday.

Pool shots

Ethel Cain shot for the first place spot on Tuesday evening when the gals got together to play nine-ball. Margaret Stasney and Judy Tolle shot for second and third spots.

Cliff must have been doing some heavy practicing since he placed first this past Sunday afternoon when the group got together to play eight-ball. He has not won in a while. Larry Beck and ‘Scotty' shot for second and third place. Congratulations to all the winners.

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