Microchip Makes Happy Ending



If you're a regular reader of this column, then you may remember the beagle brothers, Courage and Freckles. They were turned over to the Payson Humane Society by their owner because of health issues.

The beagles had been together their entire lives, so it meant a lot to us to keep them together. They were with us for a while before the perfect home came along. They were eventually adopted by a very nice senior couple who live here in town.

Well, while checking the messages at the shelter last Sunday there was a call from Alamosa, Colo. from a woman who had found Freckles. Just Freckles.

Needless to say, we were sick with worry. When we tried to call the people who adopted them, there was no answer. All the worst scenarios ran through our minds -- they gave Freckles to someone else and split the pair, Courage was still lost somewhere in Colorado, you get the picture.

So, Ellie and I took off to find the residence and see if we could get some answers. When we knocked on the front door we were greeted by an enthusiastic beagle's hoot. Thank God, Courage and his new owner answered the door.

The man told us that Freckles and his wife had gone to visit family in Colorado, where Freckles had decided to take a look around and gotten lost.

The moral of this story is -- because we place an identification chip in every animal that is adopted from PHS, the lady who found Freckles was able to connect him to us and therefore we were able to connect his family to her. She told us that the shelter in her town was a kill shelter and it would not likely end well for Freckles if he landed there.

We strongly encourage everyone who has a pet to have a microchip implanted. It gives your pet a much better chance of a happy ending if they become lost, just like Freckles. You can ask your vet -- all of them have microchips available. Or you can bring your pet to PHS and, for a $40 fee, we will implant one for you.

Adoption sale extended

The special July adoption rates have been extended for at least one more week. Take advantage of these great savings and bring a new pet into your life.


  • Cats over 1 year old, $25
  • Cats over 1 year old, $10 when adopted by senior citizens age 60 and over
  • Cats that have been at the shelter for 6 months or more, $25
  • 2 cats that came in together, $40 for both
  • Kittens, $70 each, or adopt two and get one for half price -- $105


  • Dogs over 5 years old, $30
  • Adults dogs $25 when adopted by senior citizens age 60 and over
  • Dogs that have been at the shelter for 2 months or more, $40
  • 2 dogs that came in together, adopt one and get the other for half price
  • Puppies, $70 each, or adopt two and get one for half price -- $105

Here are a few of the terrific pets available for adoption at the PHS animal shelter, 812 S. McLane Road.


Hi out there in adoption land! Anyone interested in a 6-month-old neutered male black Lab mix?

I and three of my buddies were turned over to animal control and brought into the shelter. Our previous owner could no longer care for us.

I'm the youngest of the group, being only 6 months. I'm bursting with energy and will need a nice, fenced in yard to exercise in.

I love people, and hope to get some basic obedience training from my new family, so I will be able to travel and go places.

Please come and meet me at the shelter.


Hershey is a loveable 2-year-old spayed female Shepherd/Lab mix. Her rich, brown coat and sweet demeanor inspired us to call her Hershey.

She has a lovely form and is not very big.

She was picked up as a stray on Edelweiss Street in Payson.

Miss Hershey is a wonderful dog to take on walks because she is gentle and obedient.

Being out in nature makes her happy and healthy. She is hoping to find that very special family who will take the best care of her and include her in their daily activities.

Hershey is a sweet kiss waiting to come home to you.


Java is a pretty 1-year-old spayed female Shar-Pei mix. She is black with tan markings and has a long, slightly curled tail that wags with abandon when she sees you.

She really looks good in purple because it matches her lavender tongue!

Java is a happy spirited girl who loves to go for walks and behaves very ladylike.

She is great with other dogs and enjoys playing with them in our dog park.


Halo is a 3-year-old neutered male, orange and white long-haired buddy.

He is really laid back and easygoing.

He gets along with other cats and loves to be brushed and cuddled.

He would love to be a part of your family.


Maxx is a steadfast 8-year-old neutered male Lab/Chow mix. He's a big guy, but he has a calm, easygoing temperament.

He has become a favorite among staff and volunteers at our shelter, getting spoiled with treats and lots of walks on leash. He handles beautifully, knows how to sit, and is such a good boy.

He would make a wonderful companion for a moderately active senior family because he is content just being around his people, yet he loves being playful and going out for walks.

Maxx has a high opinion of himself and does not tolerate being tied up or annoyed by pesky dogs. He would love to be a pampered only child!


My name is Simba, I'm looking for a home. I have already been neutered and I'm current on my shots.

Since being at the shelter, I have made a lot of new canine and human friends but I really want to get back into a family again.

Labs are really family dogs -- we love the outdoors and lots of exercise. I will need my new owners to help me with some basic obedience so I will be a well-mannered companion, and they will take me with them on family outings.

I try to learn really fast what is expected of me.

Please come and meet me at the shelter.

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