Pet Sitter Is Trusted Friend



I'm writing this letter in response to a letter from Diane Freshwater in the Friday July 13 Roundup. In Diane's letter she warned all of us to be careful about who we hire as a pet sitter.

She goes on to tell how while she was on vacation the pet sitter she had hired had just out of the blue for no reason left her pet un attended. She didn't just stop there she has gone all over town to all the vet clinics as well as Payson Humane Society and placed slandering flyers with the name of the pet sitter and told her version of the story again and again.

The problem with Ms. Freshwater's story and slander campaign is it's not at all based on fact. The fact is that my friend Myrna Tipps was the pet sitter. Myrna is an overnighter. A sitter who stays in the home of the pet.

Myrna woke up on that Saturday morning feeling very ill. Since it was Saturday she was unable to reach her doctor so she drove herself, after feeding and walking the dog, to the emergency room. Where seven hours later she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she had a fever of 105 and was placed on intravenous antibiotics.

It was at this point where Myrna made the big mistake. She decided not to ruin Ms. Freshwater's vacation, since there was just a couple days of it left. Instead Myrna's husband went to the dog's house three times per day to walk, feed and love. here were no other overnighters that Myrna knew available at the time and she sure didn't want to send a stranger into the home. Her husband wasn't able to stay the night because of their pets.

So Ms. Freshwater's pet cried during the night and bothered a neighbor, who in turn reported it to the landlord, who in turn called Ms. Freshwater, who in turn called a friend who came and picked up the dog.

Yes, Myrna should have called Diane, I'm sure she regrets that decision more than any of us can imagine. But the extent of the effort to destroy Myrna's reputation by Ms. Freshwater is, in my opinion, way out of line.

I just want to say, I would not only trust Myrna Tipps to watch my animals and my home, I would trust her to watch my grandchildren, my 88-year-old Dad, my debit card with my pin number! I think you get my drift.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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