Photo Radar Could Be Watching You


Speeding through Star Valley will soon lead to two repercussions for motorists.

The town will likely be adding a photo radar enforcement system along Highway 260.


Town Clerk Sarah Luckie does her best Vanna White impression to showcase the newest addition to the town hall building. The covered bulletin board will hold town meeting notices, as well as pertinent information.

Blurring through town will also mean missing the new town street signs that are soon to replace the old green ones.

Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said that the council will decide at next Tuesday's council meeting whether to authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems to install a photo speed enforcement system.

Tedeschi said the revenue-neutral system is being considered as a means of curtailing the number of speeders through town.

"We're focusing on safety with this thing," he said.

The photo radar units would likely be set up on the eastern and western edges of town, on Highway 260.

Tedeschi also added that the system, which would automatically ticket motorists traveling 11 miles over the posted speed limit, would likely issue warning citations for the first month in operation.


Stephanie Jones, Star Valley's executive assistant, displays one of the new street signs, which will replace all the old green signs in town.

If approved by the council, the system could be up and running in as little as 60 days.

"It solves the whole traffic issue without having to hire extra police officers," Tedeschi said. The council's regular meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.

New street signs to be installed throughout town

The new street signs have arrived and will likely be installed within a week or two. The brown, high prismatic signs include the direction of the street, the block designation and the type of street, which is more information than their old green counterparts offered. The six-inch lettering is also larger than the old signs, Tedeschi said.

"It gives us a distinction," he said.

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