Time To Read Between The Lines



Another one bites the dust.
I don't suppose Harper's resignation as Pine-Strawberry Fire Board chairperson has anything to do with the pending Title 7 civil rights lawsuit in U.S. District court against the fire district and Williamekkerr the mediation settlement hearing for same that was scheduled for July 25th? Or would her resignationossibly have had anything to do with the determination sent downyEOC district director Chester V. Bailey and his findings of discrimination and retaliation by William Dekker and the district against a firefighteror engaging in protective activity of a female employee complaining of sexual harassment?f course not.

A pending case that has been lingering for more than 2 and 1/2 years now. Duringhich time there have been four board chairs, resignation of other board members,isciplinary action taken against the chiefor disorderly conductnd numerous attorneys and still the caseemains unresolved.

Iirmly believeheitizens of Pine-Strawberryeed to read between the lines on this one and get a handle on what is going on with our fire board and chief staff.

I agree with the previous fire board member who wrote a letter to the editor stating; "they really are looking through rose-colored glasses."

Mark L. Boys, Ex-Firefighter Engineer/Paramedicf Pine-Strawberry Fire Department

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