What's Up?


Q: Does anyone keep track of business failures?

A: The Town of Payson keeps a record of failed businesses, said Tessie Flores, a town clerk who deals with business licenses, which are renewable yearly.

"Every year I run a report and it says how many businesses went out of business," Flores said. "A lot went out because they don't pay the town or there was no ownership."

Q: What is happening with the traffic light or roundabout supposed to be placed at the intersection of Airport Road and the Beeline Highway?

A: "We are still pursuing one or the other, but it's up in the air which one we'll end up with depending on cost," said LaRon Garrett, Payson town engineer. "I would love to see it go to construction now, but we haven't even been able to get the design authorized yet because of all the questions."

Q: Why do the precipitation figures for Payson differ from my water gauge at home?

A: Anna Mae Deming takes precipitation measurements from a Main Street, Payson, location, on a daily basis. Although Payson is not a large city, it can be raining on Main Street and not at, for instance, Swiss Village or the Knolls or vice versa.

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