Charlie's Meats Moves In On Ninth Anniversary


If you are a cook who wants to put only the best products on your table, you need to make a visit to Charlie's Old Fashioned Sausages and Fresh Meats.

Charlie Adcock has been serving the Rim Country with quality, custom meats at reasonable prices for nine years, as of Aug. 12.


If you have meat on your shopping list, give Charlie Adcock a call at Charlie's Meats and place an order. He will have it ready to take home when you get to his shop. He promises custom service does not have to be expensive.

Adcock's shop is at 405 S. Beeline, Suite A, and is open Tuesday through Saturday.

If customers know what they want, all they have to do is call ahead and their custom order will be waiting for them.

"I was a meat cutter at Smitty's for 17 years before (opening his own shop)," Adcock said. Friends in the business taught him to make sausage.

He opened his shop to be his own man.

"I come in, do what I want to do and I do it the right way," he said.

Charlie's Old Fashioned Sausages and Fresh Meats is primarily a one-man operation, but at some point Adcock said he would like to expand the business.

Adcock will sell customers a couple of steaks, a half-dozen hot dogs, smoked salmon or large, specially designed packages with a variety of different meats.

The specially packaged meats include a pork package with four pounds each of pork butt roasts, pork steaks, pork chops and link and bulk sausages; several packages featuring beef, pork and poultry; and an all-beef package.

Adcock bought a home in the area about four years before opening his shop and had frequently visited the Rim Country prior to that.

He said he did not do much research on the chances for success of a meat shop before opening it. However, he was very particular about the site. He wanted to take advantage of the tourist traffic.

When he first opened, tourists coming through town on their way to summer homes or camping made up most of his business -- stopping and getting the meats they wanted for the weekend.

"Now it's about 50-50," he said, with half of his customers now coming from around the area. He also has a group of people that come from around the state to buy his meats.

"They'll call and place an order and come pick it up from the Valley, Casa Grande, Flagstaff," Adcock said.

During the summer, his most popular products are the lean ground beef, which he grinds on site, as well as his sausage. As the weather cools, Adcock starts selling more roasts. During the Christmas holidays, he sells between 600 and 800 pounds of prime rib, he said, and lots of double-smoked hams. If prime rib is on your holiday menu, Adcock said, you only need to order a week ahead of when you need it. For a double-smoked ham, he will need two weeks notice. He gets deliveries from his distributors twice a week.

Both his hams and bacon come smoked, but then he smokes them a second time in his shop. He also sells salmon he smokes in the shop, as well as fresh frozen salmon.

The poultry he sells is solution-free and his beef and pork come from the Midwest.

"There is no market for lamb or veal here," Adcock said.

But just about everything else is available, including 35 varieties of homemade sausages -- both smoked and fresh, old-fashioned bulk sauerkraut, cheeses, jerky, homemade luncheon meats.

When not working at the shop, Adcock likes to spend time with his children, Carl (C.J.) and Randy. They enjoy baseball and are Diamondbacks fans, and they go camping and fishing -- Willow Springs is their favorite spot.

Charlie's Old Fashioned Sausages and Fresh Meats is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information call (928) 474-2085.

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