County Attorney Issues Identity Scam Alert


Gila County Attorney, Daisy Flores wants the public and area businesses to be aware of a scam being perpetrated in the area that involves a federal transportation agency.

A local business recently received a request, from what appeared to be the U.S. Department of Transportation, for financial information from that business. A letter was received that appeared to include the Department of Transportation letterhead, logo and Web site.

The letter indicated that department understood the local business was registered as a prospective contractor for procurements issued by the Department of Transportation and, to continue doing business with the department, needed to authorize the department to obtain specific information about the business bank accounts.

The letter included a release for the business to give the department their account number, bank name and related confidential information. In addition, the form requests signatures of any authorized account signers.

Being suspicious, the business contacted the Department of Transportation and was told the letter and release were not legitimate, and that the department had nothing to do with this request for information.

Consequently, Flores has advised anyone receiving this kind of letter and release to not provide any requested information, as it could be used to illegally access bank accounts. Individuals or businesses should never provide specific account or personal information to anyone unless it is confirmed that the request is for legitimate purposes.

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