Mayor's Call For Accountability Amounts To Nothing



I read through this article (chamber accountability) three times and came to the conclusion that it said absolutely nothing.

Bob Edwards seems to want to make the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce accountable for something, but nowhere could I find the answer to the question "Accountable for what?"

He does cite accountability for progress but, again, there is no mention of progress in what areas. Edwards says he wants a new "economic vitality manager."

What in the world does this mean?

Nowhere in the article does he give any information what accountability an economic vitality manager would show. What is this person's role? Who makes up the plan this new manager must follow?

My understanding this title would be a new department head, which means there needs to be at least three people under this manager. Where are the funds coming from to pay these people? From the money he is going to save by not signing a yearly contract with the chamber?

This article was political doublespeak at its finest. The article conveyed absolutely no information at all, and Edwards wasted a lot of newspaper space by saying absolutely nothing. Perhaps that is what he does best, stir up a hornet's nest with a lot of hot air.

Kathleen J. Farrell

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