Not With Pine Water Charges



I agree with Bill Daily's comments on the water situation with the Payson and surrounding areas.

We live in Pine and on July's water bill we were charged $200 for a water haul surcharge on a $40 water bill, another Pine resident I know had a $85 water haul surcharge, but another person we know in Strawberry was not charged a water haul surcharge at all and had a number of days in July without water at all.

We hardly use water, other than washing clothes and we don't have a dishwasher. We wash dishes by hand.

We watched a lot of our plants die due to the no-watering policy. It is no wonder why so many people including us start thinking about moving out of the area and to move to the Payson town limits to get away from water haul surcharges.

To Brooke Utilities: With all the rain, why is the stage still at 3?

Oh, my bad -- so you can continue to say we are in and quote conservation stage, so you can continue charging the residents a higher rate.

Love the views of Pine, fed up with the ways the water is handled.

D. Linton

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