Star Valley Searching For New Building Official


The Town of Star Valley is in the process of accepting and reviewing applications for the town building official position after the termination last Friday of former building inspector Karl Reed.

Reed didn't follow the terms set forth when he was hired, Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said.

"He didn't pass his probation," Tedeschi said.

"Primarily, he agreed to obtain two certifications within six months of when he was hired and he didn't do it. He agreed to it in writing and he didn't think he had to do it."

Tedeschi said that Reed had no certifications for the position and that the town was waiting for him to take the measures necessary to become certified.

Town staff is in the process of soliciting applications for the position, Tedeschi said. A replacement could be hired within two weeks.

Stephen Hackett, Star Valley's code enforcement officer, is assuming the building official role on a temporary basis until the position is filled.

The Star Valley Council will discuss the authorization of a law enforcement agreement with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The agreement would allow those with hunting permits to use their firearms in the forest lands within town limits.

The town annexed 18 square miles of U.S. Forest Service land in May, bringing the total area of town to 24 square miles.

"It's basically just updating town code to allow shooting in town limits," Tedeschi said.

The council will decide whether to allow its water utility law firm, Sacks Tierney, to engage Harold Morgan to appraise the portion of Brooke Utilities that the town is in the process of purchasing.

Tedeschi said that the appraisal of the Payson Water Company system is expected to take about 60 days. The town will then make Brooke Utilities an offer on the system.

The council will also determine whether to solicit a new proposal to continue with the services provided by the hydrology firm, LFR.

The current agreement for services expires this month.

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