Unhappy With Front Page Story



Your front page story on Saturday, July 14, started out as a very nice way to honor 23-year-old Marine Lance Corporal Steven Stacy, but it did not end that way.

Traditionally, obituaries or articles regarding the death of someone are written to inform the public, so that family members can receive sympathy and support from caring friends and relatives. But to use this news to give the details of surviving family members' marriages and divorces is insensitive and disrespectful. This is more information than any of us need to know.

Was this article's emphasis more on the history of a pioneer family, or to honor a very young man who had the courage to join the U.S. Marine Corps and participate in an unpopular war?

I can't believe this article was actually published this way and with this inappropriate information. Especially in the tragic loss of a son and grandson.

B. Karras

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