Chamber, Town Need To Work Together


The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the town of Payson are agreeing to go their separate ways and promote the community they serve individually.

That's not a bad thing. Both groups can bring to the table different resources and ideas.

As long as they talk and work with each other and not at cross-purposes, it should be a benefit to Payson and the Rim Country. We hope that any rift between the two entities is a temporary ruffling of feathers. They need to work with each other to ensure the success of the entire community.

The cliché is appropriate here: We're all in this together.

The chamber's decision to sever funding ties with the town will allow the chamber to focus on its core mission as a supporter of the small-business community while still promoting Payson and the Rim Country through its state-sanctioned visitor center and other efforts.

The chamber is still one of the first places most visitors, and potential new businesses, will go to seek out information about the community.

The Rim Country chamber does more than promote tourism; it must also be an advocate for the business community on important issues.

The vast majority of businesses in the Rim Country are small businesses, and having the chamber as an active advocate will certainly help these firms in their day-to-day lives as crucial economic engines for the community. Any vision of Payson's future must recognize the importance and the community connections of our small businesses and their owners.

It is a good thing that the town of Payson, with its new tourism/economic vitality position, will be able to effectively concentrate on promoting town events.

The concept of having the town promote the community's events, festivals, parades and other homegrown activities, including the Main Street revitalization project, is great. The town can bring new resources to tourism and its economic vitality promotion that may not have existed before.

Both the town and chamber have important roles to play in moving the community forward.

It is going to be important that they work together and frequently communicate with each other to ensure their efforts have maximum impact.

These two important parts of our community will not agree on every issue. There may be honest disagreements on how best to promote the town of Payson, but this must not prevent these organizations from sitting down and talking.

Bringing different ideas to the table is good; being able to sit down and talk about these ideas will be crucial to the success of both.

Payson's future must be the overriding concern for both entities; we look forward to watching them work together for the betterment of our town.

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