Hospital Staff Commended


To the Payson Regional Medical Center Staff:

I am pretty sure you hear an overwhelming amount of complaints, dealing with sick people on a daily basis; but this is not one of them. I commend your fabulous staff from every department.

My husband had been hospitalized on Friday the 13th of July for a very serious illness.

Beginning with the very efficient, personable woman who checked us in, we would like to thank you for being so comforting and quick in getting my husband in his room. Every nurse or attendant that cared for my husband during his stay was exceptional! A few of you nursing staff such as: Tye, Donna, Virginia in I.C.U. and a new nurse on the floor (her first day), Diane...I can't thank them enough for actually listening to my husband's needs and following through, as if it were their own family member in that bed. I don't think you people realize how important all of the extra little things you do make all of the difference in the world when a family is in crisis and how much it meant to us.

We would also like you to thank Dr. Santos from the bottom of our hearts for stepping up and taking control of a situation that could have probably ended in a deadly direction for my husband. Please personally thank Dr. Santos for recognizing and consulting with other doctors to help her guide my husband, Jack, on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, we've heard stories of Payson Regional. We see and feel now that those stories stories are not only ridiculous, but to be in complete contrast. We felt that your facility not only treated my husband with the utmost professionalism and concern, but they also included me throughout the treatment process.

We know how difficult all of the positions are, and appreciate the dedication involved to bring together a team of people to comfort and take care of the sick people. Congratulations on having a respectful, professional group of individuals who actually care.

Jack and Rosann Buchea, Payson

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