Imaginative Artists At Saturday's Reception


A former concert organist, a Civil War buff and an avid gardener in the same gallery equal an explosion of creativity.

Dixie Guldner, Dick Wolfe and Ruth Overton are the featured artists of the month at Artists of the Rim Gallery.


Guldner uses her knives and paint brushes to shape and texture gourds.

"Dixie's work makes me feel good inside, she has nice warm colors and they are always so earthy. I like her bowls the best," Overton said.

Guldner incorporates leather, wire and wood burning techniques that add dimension to her gourds.

"She does things you don't ever see, like the bowl for towels in a guest bathroom. She took the top of the gourd to make a stand that it sits on," Overton said.

Stone in silver

Simplicity of design sets Wolfe's turquoise work apart from other silversmiths.

"Whatever he does with silver, in terms of the stone setting, is appropriate for that stone. And I think his prices make beautiful jewelry available to more people," Guldner said.

She is partial to the earrings Wolfe makes with different animals.


Overton's oil palette is set up so she can paint every day, any time the mood strikes her.

Her newest paintings in the gallery are a landscape, "Untouched Beauty," and a floral pair of soft ruby- and coral-hued roses.

Saturday evening there will be a reception for the three artists from 4 to 7 p.m.

The gallery is located at 408 W. Main St., Payson.

It is open to the public.

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